Filip lived among us shortly and yet he grew up to become an unforgettable presence for whoever had a chance to meet him. 
He was charismatic, with a special kind of energy typical for those predestined for great achievements.
Filip Sotirov was born on 9th April 1999 in Skopje.
Ever since the youngest age, Filip showed great love for learning, growth and creation.
He grew up with the spirit of leading good and healthy life - style inspired by his older brother Marko, who installed in him the love for basketball.

At his home, a basketball game was never missed. His room was completely covered with posters of almost all the NBA stars and the basket was his favorite toy.

The desire to become the best he can be urged him to start playing basketball at the young age of 7. Filip strongly wished to reach his dream.
He wanted to be successful on the basketball court and in school. He wanted to brighten everyone’s day, to make us laugh, to create true friendships and raise the team spirit of his team.
Filip managed to create an image of positive young person aiming to become the best version of him. In fact, he became part of the first national youth basketball team up to 16 years when he was only 14 years old. He knew that to become successful basketball player, his 200 cm of height were not all that it takes, but rather a strong will, talent, persistence, love and tolerance, solidarity and respect for all players.

Filip was a kid that saw no limits. He imagined himself as part of the greatest basketball teams in the world. He felt ready for his dream and worked hard to accomplish it.
We supported and cheered for him on every game. We were proud of all his accomplishments. We were given short, but amazing time. We keep doing the same things as before, we still cheer for him and are proud of him, because he must be playing basketball with angels now.